Here’s a smart little advertisement from May Fair Kitchen, a higher-end restaurant based in the UK that centers their cuisine around locally-sourced fresh ingredients.
Nothing incredibly new in terms of position, but still a powerful statement on the experience they’re providing.

The advertisement is part of a pair of print ads that focuses on their connection to source for their restaurant.
In this case, a Green Zebra tomato.

While I’m not 100% on the headline, I really enjoyed the body copy they put together with a very clean image.

The copy visually pairs well with the image, being simple, clean, and to the point.

My favorite line: “…are as carefully picked as the farms that grow them.”
Not only does that line give a tiny bit of education on the variety for those of us who aren’t tomato aficionados, they’re adding more depth and connection between their connection with the farms.

The hero of this ad, a clean, bright, detailed image of a Green Zebra tomato that highlights the quality and uniqueness of the ingredient. Gentle human touch reiterates the care and attention they put into sourcing their ingredients.
Punchy headlines pulls you in – while the body copy adds depth and shows their expertise by describing the tomato’s unique qualities. Reiterates closeness with farmers, and attention to details in the last line.
Simple, unobtrusive contact and connection info. Clean. Simple.