Telling a Story From
7,500 Miles Away.

The numbers on your K-2 reports might help board members, but if you want to excite your donors and pull in more donations, you need to share the story of your impact.

Focusing On

What Matters.

The John Dau Foundation works in one of the most remote and tumultuous regions on the African continent, providing healthcare services to people living in South Sudan.

In a region fraught with war after civil war, the need for stability and access to healthcare are essential in helping the Sudanese people the basic right of healthcare.

While their programs focus on early childhood nutrition and maternity care programs, their small clinic locked in the desert provides services to over 115,000 patients since opening.

Turning Found Footage Into A

Remarkable Story.

With the John Dau Foundation focusing most of their revenue on healthcare programs in Sudan, they didn’t exactly have a full crew to produce their annual fundraising video.

Using a combination of footage shot by the foundation’s many partners, we were challenged with creating a unified story where one didn’t exist!

While the multiple formats, shooting styles, and the usual technical challenges were enough to send most packing, we carried on and delivered a video that didn’t just tell donors where their money went, it showed them.

John Dau Foundation
Impact Video


This is amazing!

Shane, you have really done a great thing here.
Like I mentioned, one of the most difficult things for us is telling our story. Now we can show people what we do, rather than just telling them. I can’t possibly thank you enough.

Daniel Pisegna



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