The Best Thing Since…

While Beck’s breads are some of the tastiest around,
bread isn’t exactly hard to come by.

And yet, the grains that make up these local loaves have more history than the average sandwich bread.

The short video and photographs highlighted Beck’s commitment to supporting local grain farmers and using old-world milling practices, techniques that very few bakeries follow today.



Beck’s Bakery is among the select few bakeries in the United States that not only mill their own grains using a stone grist mill, but also has close ties with the farmers and producers of these golden grains.

So when Rhonda Weidenbeck set out to bring the finest breads to the North Coast, she knew exactly where to begin: the farmer behind the grains.

The Farmer Behind

The Grain.

Farmer John Laboyteaux is a bit of an icon in the local grain community. He’s been on the leading edge of reinvigorating the local grain economy in Northern California and has even supported the University of California on trial plots to learn what varieties will grow best in the foggy woods of Northern California.

Our Local Harvest Video

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