Currency For A Collaborative Economy.

Improving local economies are a tough challenge to take on, yet MyLocal CoOp wanted to transform how small a city views their local currency.

In order to give the Hometown Hero Rewards Program a solid footing to launch their pilot, we developed a simple, yet eye-catching brand that played to this small town’s aspirational sensibilities.

Preparing For


When you’re looking to improve something as interconnected as your local economy, there’s always going to be opposition.

You’ve got the watchful eye of local officials, businesses, and communities viewing your every move and making a quick judgment whether they’ll unite behind your brave new idea, or stand against it.

That’s why we made sure to create an identity system that was flexible enough to be used on anything, and at any size, including vinyl sticks, t-shirts, and other print and digital collateral.

Branding and Design
For Hometown Heroes


Instant Credibility!

The care and attention you brought to every level of the project shows when we approach prospects and they experience our brand first-hand.
Now we’re scaling up our idea thanks in part to your great work!

T. Scott Morris

FOUNDER,  ithacash


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