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While Beck’s baked goods are some of the tastiest around, bread isn’t exactly a commodity that’s hard to come by.

In order to boost interest and set Beck’s further off from the competition, we created a series of images that showed the journey grain takes from field to bread on the table.

Breaking Bad


A little secret about most whole wheat bread is that it isn’t whole at all. It’s made of over-processed flour with less than 50% of the whole wheat.

Beck’s Bakery is among the select few bakeries in the United States that not only mill their own grains using a stone grist mill, but also has close ties with the farmers and producers of the golden grains that make up these delicious breads.

The dedication to craft and source are two areas where Beck’s Bakery is unique in the local and national market for bread. By milling the local grains into whole grain flour let’s Beck’s wheat maintain more flavor and nutrition, though it’s trickier to handle as a baker.

The Man Behind The Grain:

Farmer John.

Farmer John Laboyteaux is a bit of an icon in the local grain community.

He’s been on the leading edge of reinvigorating the local grain economy in Northern California and has even supported the University of California on trial plots to learn what varieties will grow best in the foggy woods of Northern California.

Genuinely concerned for where our food comes from, John takes care to use sustainable land practices the farm, to keep the land fertile and the grains free from pesticides.

The Photographs


This is amazing!

Shane, you have really done a great thing here.
Like I mentioned, one of the most difficult things for us is telling our story. Now we can show people what we do, rather than just telling them. I can’t possibly thank you enough.

Daniel Pisegna



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